Writing: Prose & Poetry

NOVEL: Kellner and the Gulf

  • Harrowing and darkly humorous portrait of burned out refugee of Wall Street wiped out in the 2008 crash and now marooned in Florida
  • He must deal with the impending collapse of his second marriage, a vengeful ex-wife, troubled older children, and childrearing duties with younger children
  • Events lead to a crisis in which he must come to terms with himself
  • Expect to complete final edits in 2021

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SHORT STORY: “An Even Exchange”

  • Lightly humorous tale set in Wyoming in the 1870s
  • Other stories available upon request

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David has written various poems over his career as a writer but has focused primarily on other forms in recent years. The linked samples are intended to give an idea of his range and sense of humor in the poetic form.

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