Opera Libretti & Choral Lyrics

Lullaby for Vaska (2022)

  • Based on family story from Siege of Leningrad
  • Newly relevant to refugee crisis in war in Ukraine
  • Collaboration with composer Joseph Turrin

Magdalene Cantos (2019)

  • Based on the Lost Children of Tuam in Ireland
  • Remains of 800 infants and children found in 2017 on grounds of Magdalene Laundry (home for unwed mothers run by Catholic Church)
  • Chamber choral piece featuring voices of children and mothers
  • Collaboration with composer Kelly Krebs

Images from “The Lost Children of Tuam” by Dan Barry (New York Times)

Man with Blue Guitar (2019)

  • Chamber opera adaptation of playscript for Man with Blue Guitar
  • Dreamy, lyrical piece based on life, letters, journals, and poems of Wallace Stevens
  • Rights obtained from Stevens family and Random House
  • Seeking composer collaborator
  • See Man with Blue Guitar on Plays page

Dynamite Bob (2018)

Masterson (2017)

  • An aging financial tycoon is haunted by demons from his past that suggest a family curse
  • Loosely based on scandals surrounding the Caspersen family in 2008 and 2016
  • Like father, like son? Caspsersen family’s double downfalls (CNBC link)
  • The Wall Street Golden Boy Who Allegedly Fleeced His Friends and Family (Vanity Fair link)
  • Seeking composer collaborator

Under the Volcano (2015)

  • Based on the classic Malcolm Lowry novel of 1940
  • The last day in the life of a brilliant alcoholic in a small town in Mexico; he struggles with PTSD from World War I as his personal life collapses.
  • Seeking composer collaborator
  • Need rights controlled by Sterling Lord Literistic