NOVEL: Confessions of Alison M (2023)

  • A plucky Southern woman tells her shocking life story through the voices of three fictional characters who have become facets of her personality.
  • Set in the South and in the Florida Keys in 1939 to 1976
  • Expect to complete final edits in 2023

NOVEL: Kellner and the Gulf (2022)

  • A darkly humorous portrait of burned-out refugee of Wall Street wiped out in the 2008 crash and marooned in Florida as he enters late middle age.
  • Complications in his personal life, including the impending collapse of his second marriage and serious problems with older children from his first, lead to a crisis in which he must come to terms with himself.

Read the prologue
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SHORT STORY: “An Even Exchange”

  • Lightly humorous tale set in Wyoming in the 1870s
  • Other stories available upon request

Read “An Even Exchange”
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